Our mission: Help over-busy people believe that better balance is possible, and empower them to take small, meaningful steps towards finding it.

If you’re like us, you are a thoughtful and caring person who struggles to navigate our complex and overstimulating world, while keeping your to-do list focused on what is most important. At Be Cozy & Kind we believe that finding balance between caring for oneself and caring for others is the key to a more meaningful and less stressful life.

Our goal is to provide resources and encouragement that help you achieve better balance in your daily life. We offer products that encourage overall health and well-being (a cozy throw for a much-needed nap; a warm hat for a mind-clearing walk) as well as resources that help you navigate an overstimulating world (check out our popular blog!). All products sold in our shop bear the Be Cozy & Kind logo - a continual reminder to seek balance so you can live with less stress and more purpose.

As the entrepreneur in the family, Kim finds balance by regularly indulging in things she loves (fresh flowers and a good book are at the top of the list) and making anything with her hands. She believes that there is no problem so big it can’t be made better with a nap, a little knitting, and a fresh batch of blueberry muffins.

Michael believes listening to our own needs is critical to improving our ability to connect with others through meaningful dialogue. He would much rather have an in-depth conversation with one person, than chit chat with a dozen at a party. He strives to achieve balance through running, spending time with his family (including Sadie and Truman, our two rescue dogs), and his other passion - college football!

Our home is our oasis, with flower and vegetable gardens, a fish pond, and a yard we have lovingly cultivated over the years. This nurturing space allows us to regularly recharge and reflect, and sustains us as we continue to engage in meaningful work.

We also believe that all living creatures deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. To fulfill our commitment to animals, ten percent of all profits from Be Cozy & Kind are given to MAS Rescue in Baltimore, MD. This small and tireless non-profit organization finds permanent homes for animals, often from high-kill shelters, whose time has run out. They have rescued and placed more than 2,500 dogs, cats and other animals in loving forever homes.

Maryland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

We began Be Cozy & Kind because of our belief that in this overstimulating and stressful world, a basic truth is too often overlooked: to be your best self, you must prioritize your needs along with others’ needs instead of always caring for others at your own expense.

Visit our shop for products that encourage you to recharge and reflect on a regular basis.

To be your best self, you must prioritize your needs along with others’ needs, rather than always caring for others at your own expense.