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This hand knit throw is a labor of love that takes dozens of hours to make, but offers a texture and softness like no other throw on the market. (One happy customer described it as a"cloud made of yarn".) Size is 62 inches x 50 inches. Made of polyester chenille yarn. Machine wash and dry.

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If a cloud was a warm, cozy blanket...
Written by ect on Jan 4th 2018

I love this blanket! The color is gorgeous and the yarn is soft, warm, and wool-free, which is great for those of us with sensitive skin. My favorite thing about this throw is probably the fact that it isn't just a flat blanket. The twists and turns in the design make the throw extra fluffy and so wonderful to snuggle with. Now if only I had two so I don't have to move it from the TV room to my office and back every day... :)