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Woman holds head in hands while laughing

To Change Your Life, Change Your Environment

We all yearn to press “reset” and find a fresh start this year. Perhaps you’ve decided to get serious about adopting a healthier habit (or breaking a bad one). If so, experts say your success depends in part on changing your environment. Read on for tips and make your new habit stick.

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Woman raises arms in joy under Christmas lights

How to Increase Happiness in 2021

The whole point of having hopes and dreams is to increase happiness. But what happens when your hopes make you unhappy instead? A few mental adjustments and a bit of wise planning can help. Read on for ways to tweak your aspirations for maximum motivation, joy, and satisfaction.

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Girl holds sparkler

Ways to Avoid Holiday Depression and Find Joy

Maybe you always feel a little blue around the holidays. Or maybe it’s this crazy year that’s deflating your celebratory spirit. Either way, we could all use a boost right now. These five ideas will help you make the most of an unusual holiday season and avoid holiday-related depression.

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Woman sitting on a park bench smiles up at the sky while holding a red maple leaf

Five Ways to Reduce Stress and Regain Control

When we’re stressed and fearful it’s tempting to always reach out to others for comfort. While supportive relationships are very important, sometimes a little solitude is the best thing for your mental and emotional health. Read on for five steps you can take to reduce stress and regain focus through some purposeful alone time.

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Relieve Stress move on to Plan B

Three Effective Ways to Relieve Stress in Tough Times

When times are tough, overwhelming stress can feel unavoidable. But there are some important steps we can take to reduce stress and manage our emotions more effectively. Based on the advice of experts and my own experience, these three practices are key to reducing stress and increasing resilience in tough times.

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How to Stick to Your Priorities in Life When Feeling Overwhelmed

Our sense of meaning and fulfillment comes from knowing our priorities in life and living them through our actions. This is easier said than done, however – especially in turbulent times. Read on to learn the steps you can take to clarify your highest priorities so your commitments reflect what’s most important to you.

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Clear Mental Clutter: The Power of Journal Writing

I love it when a simple tool provides multiple benefits. The practice of journal writing is a tried-and-true way to relieve stress and boost joy. It can clarify what’s most important to you and help you achieve important goals. Read on to learn three ways journal writing can be better than therapy.

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Boy taking selfie screams

Managing Your Emotions So They Don’t Manage You

We’ve all said or done things we regret in the heat of the moment. Managing your emotions when they run hot is difficult but also necessary to maintain good relationships. Read on to learn a key practice to help you step back and take a breath when your emotions threaten to hijack your behavior.

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Woman holds her arms outstretched as the sun sets

Need a Personal Retreat? Create a Sanctuary Space

Do you often feel anxious, angry or stressed? Do you find it hard to enjoy your time with people – even those people you truly love? If so, consider creating a sanctuary space. Read on to learn how you can create a personal retreat where you can decompress, clarify your priorities and focus on joy.

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Finding Joy in a Time of Uncertainty

When COVID-19 hit, many of us felt too overwhelmed and anxious to think much about joy. But your ability to choose joy in a time of crisis can help you make it through. Read on for strategies to help you cope in difficult times, and creative ways to find joy even when it feels impossible.

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Self-care Tips for Surviving Turbulent Times

As I write this the pandemic rages on and social and political problems cloud the landscape before us. We’re all looking for self-care strategies to stay sane and keep our spirits up. Here are three ways to cope, stay hopeful, and find joy during dark times.

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A hand gently strokes a puppy in a pen

Transformative Self-Care: What Caring for Animals Can Teach Us

Creating a space all your own is an important part of a transformative self-care practice. A personal sanctuary space reduces stress and provides a quiet, soothing place to decompress, recharge, and clarify your priorities. Read on to find ideas for creating a nurturing sanctuary space that can make you happier and more productive.

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Birds fly over water at sunset

Dealing with Regret for Greater Happiness and Fulfillment

We all have regrets. A financial misstep. The ill-advised remark. That college incident involving a bicycle, some alcohol and you with no clothing. But what about dealing with regret that’s bigger and more painful, and is weighing you down? This blog helps you get a handle on a big regret that’s keeping you stuck.

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Man stretches arms wide embracing the sea as it crashes on the rocks

Ready to Choose Joy? How to Find Time for It

If you know you need more joy in your life but are having trouble finding it, read on. In this blog I share reasons why you should regularly choose joy, why you shouldn’t feel guilty doing so (hint: it helps others) and simple strategies that will help you create a daily joy practice.

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How to Choose Joy and Why You Should

Did you know that there’s one thing you can do that will improve your health, reduce stress, and power through difficult times? That one thing? Choose joy. “Joy is the oxygen for doing hard things in the world,” says philanthropist Gary Haugen. Read on to learn how to experience more joy each day.

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Woman, in profile, holds arms out and into a breeze while the sun sets behind her

The Secret to Effective Self-Care

A transformative self-care practice can give you the stress relief and greater life satisfaction you want. While deep change requires courage and discipline, the strategies I provide here will help you. Learn to manage the challenges of transformative self-care and stay on track so you can reap the many benefits.

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Woman with backpack stands looking out over water

Create a Sanctuary Space To Change Your Life

If you want to change your life for the better, this key practice can help relieve stress, clarify your priorities, and boost creativity and productivity. Read on to learn how one simple thing can provide you with multiple benefits.

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Stacked rocks next to the ocean, basking in the sunlight

Beyond a mani-pedi: Real self-care is all in your head.

As self-care goes, a bubble bath and pedicure are only a start. If you’re seeking something deeper – a self-care routine that reduces stress long-term and helps you live each day with more satisfaction – then read on! Learn how to certain types of self-care can help you change your life for the better.

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Friends sitting on a bench overlooking the water, hugging

How to Reduce Stress, STAT! Give Me Your Tired, Your Frazzled

Do you feel like you’re teetering on the edge of a precipice known as “I’m Slowly Losing My Mind”? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed, unsure how your to-do list relates to what’s most important to you? Read on for three key practices to help you reduce stress and live with more joy and purpose.

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How to Flourish While Unloading Emotional Baggage

Is emotional baggage keeping you from setting healthy boundaries? This blog explores the emotional pitfalls that might be preventing you from living your best life. Read on to learn the three clear steps you can take to regain control over how you spend your time and energy.

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A turtle walks slowly on a park bench

The Road to Joy is Paved with Small Steps

Most of us want to make certain changes in life, but don’t have the motivation or aren’t sure how. How can you get unstuck and work up the momentum necessary for meaningful change to take place? Read on to engage your “willing self” and take the small steps necessary to achieve your goals.

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