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To Change Your Life, Change Your Environment

We all yearn to press “reset” and find a fresh start this year. Perhaps you’ve decided to get serious about adopting a healthier habit (or breaking a bad one). If so, experts say your success depends in part on changing your environment. Read on for tips and make your new habit stick.

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How to Increase Happiness in 2021

The whole point of having hopes and dreams is to increase happiness. But what happens when your hopes make you unhappy instead? A few mental adjustments and a bit of wise planning can help. Read on for ways to tweak your aspirations for maximum motivation, joy, and satisfaction.

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How to Stick to Your Priorities in Life When Feeling Overwhelmed

Our sense of meaning and fulfillment comes from knowing our priorities in life and living them through our actions. This is easier said than done, however – especially in turbulent times. Read on to learn the steps you can take to clarify your highest priorities so your commitments reflect what’s most important to you.

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Clear Mental Clutter: The Power of Journal Writing

I love it when a simple tool provides multiple benefits. The practice of journal writing is a tried-and-true way to relieve stress and boost joy. It can clarify what’s most important to you and help you achieve important goals. Read on to learn three ways journal writing can be better than therapy.

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Self-care Tips for Surviving Turbulent Times

As I write this the pandemic rages on and social and political problems cloud the landscape before us. We’re all looking for self-care strategies to stay sane and keep our spirits up. Here are three ways to cope, stay hopeful, and find joy during dark times.

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Beyond a mani-pedi: Real self-care is all in your head.

As self-care goes, a bubble bath and pedicure are only a start. If you’re seeking something deeper – a self-care routine that reduces stress long-term and helps you live each day with more satisfaction – then read on! Learn how to certain types of self-care can help you change your life for the better.

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