Clarify Priorities

Clarify what matters most
and live by the light of that vision

Imagine if...

  • Your to-do list reflected what’s most important, not simply what keeps you busy

  • You were able to say “no” more often with less guilt

  • Your priorities gave you the confidence to make hard choices about how to spend your time

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”


Are you feeling  dragged along
by the current of daily life?
Is it taking you where you
want to go?

Perhaps it’s time to change course.

We all receive continual cues about how we should think and behave, or what we should or shouldn’t care about. It’s so easy to organize our daily activities around other people’s priorities – even when they don’t reflect what we truly value.

The expectations of family, friends and colleagues can convince us that other people’s values are more important than our own.

Why live according to someone else’s vision rather than the light of your own?

It’s important to figure out what matters most to you and then align your actions with these values. Constantly living out someone else’s priorities leads to burnout.

Let’s trade some perspiration for inspiration!

It's time to shine a light on what matters most to you
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We're here to help!

Why go it alone when
we can do this together?

Why go it alone when we can do this together?

Is your to-do list too cluttered because you said "yes" when you really meant "no"?

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