Cultivate Joy

Increase joy in your daily life to reduce stress, improve health, and boost energy and motivation


if you could...

  • Feel more relaxed and energized on a daily basis

  • Increase motivation while decreasing stress

  • Spend less time striving and more time savoring what life has to offer

"Joy is the oxygen for doing hard things in the world."


I used to think that joy must be spontaneous. Now I know we can deliberately increase the amount of joy in our lives.

A joyful life must be cultivated.

Do you spring out of bed each morning, eager to begin the day? No?

Perhaps a never ending to-do list full of tedious tasks has something to do with it.

Sure, we all have those boring, grown-up things we must do. But the key to a fulfilling life is balancing “must dos” with “can’t wait to dos”. 

A joyful life doesn’t happen by accident. We must deliberately choose joy and make it a priority. We must explore what brings us joy and schedule time for it on a regular basis.

Why resign yourself to “ho-hum” when you could have much more “woo-hoo!”?

Begin your joy journey today.

We're here to help!

Why go it alone when
we can do this together?

Why go it alone when we can do this together?

I'm ready to start my Joy journey!

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